Why Industrial Clicks PPC Management Services?

The TOP 5 Reasons:

1  Return on investment = new customers & more sales
Effective marketing for small to medium sized business is not about fancy graphics, clever radio spots, or pricey newspaper ads. Effective advertising drives awareness of your products or services, and results in people contacting you for more information and quotes. Industrial Clicks PPC is focused on sending “ready-to-buy” prospects to your web site.

2 Affordable advertising on a budget
Small to medium sized businesses have to work smarter than the “big boys”. You operate in the real world and marketing dollars have to produce sales, not bar graphs. Industrial Clicks PPC delivers exceptional bang for the buck advertising to small businesses. What’s our secret? Pay Per Click advertising is about the quality of your traffic – not the quantity.

3 Marketing You Can Measure
You can’t evaluate what you don’t measure. Knowing is half the battle when it comes to maximizing ad dollars and the cold hard truth is that print, radio, and TV advertisements can’t be tracked. Improving your marketing message becomes trial and error, and the costs mount quickly. Industrial Clicks PPC marketing uses technology to track and improve your ads systematically. We take the guesswork (and cost) out of developing the “right” ads for your customers.

4 Flexibility. Do more with less
Most small to medium sized businesses sell different products and services to a variety of customers. Traditional print and radio advertising isn’t very flexible when it comes to targeting prospects because each ad you place costs more money. Indusrial Clicks PPC marketing through Google AdWords or Yahoo/Microsoft AdCenter is designed to run multiple advertisements, for different products and services, at no additional charge.

5 Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is a top priority for small businesses and you expect nothing less from your service providers – Marketing is no exception. Industrial Clicks PPC understands that we’re not the only game in town, and that plenty of agencies would love to have your business. We never take your trust for granted, and we stand by our Satisfaction Guarantee 100%


Paid Search marketing goes under a number of names: Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Sponsored Online Listing, Paid listings, etc. Whatever you call it, it’s the paid advertising within the sponsored link section of search engines, usually placed at the top and left hand side of the result page.

PPC refers to the most common fee structure used in paid search: paying for adverts once the user clicks them, instead of by audience impressions like traditional digital advertising. Using an auction- based model, advertisers bid on keywords that trigger the placement of their ads to users via search engine results. If you are the highest bidder, your ad will display to consumers searching for those keywords online, making the information hugely relevant, and allowing your business to be visible to your audience when they are actively searching for services and products you provide.

The secret behind PPC is not huge budgets but relevant selection of keywords, a powerful and effective ad copy and continual monitoring of the campaign. We understand that online businesses need advertising solutions that are proven to generate a return, especially in the current climate. PPC is proven to be one the highest ROI channels, both online and offline, making it the ideal solution for small and medium size companies who do not want risky advertising budgets with immeasurable results.

Running a paid search campaign can help your business reach numerous marketing objectives: online visibility, brand awareness, customer acquisition, generation enquires, increase in sign ups, gain market share etc. And all at a highly measurable and manageable cost.


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