How much do I charge?

I don’t offer a package deal like many online logo factories because, well, for one I’m not a factory but moreover everything I do is tailored specifically for each client. A custom logo project could potentially come in for a few hundred dollars to a few thousand and usually depends entirely on a client’s budget and what their needs are. A custom website project can run several hundred to several thousand but again it comes down to what a customer wants to spend and what they are hoping to accomplish with the site. Often times if a customer has a low budget I will help them figure out a strategy that makes sense for both of us.

Can you beat there price?

If you’re shopping for the cheapest deal we probably aren’t a good fit; but if you’re looking for a good value then let’s talk. I’m in business to make money just like you are but I won’t compromise the quality of my work or my integrity to increase my profit margin. I am however a big fan of good deals but only if it’s a fair deal for everybody involved.

What’s your availability like?

I generally juggle several projects at any given time but try and keep it to a manageable number; what that number is depends on the kind of, and scope of the projects I’m working on. If I’m booked up or I feel I can’t handle your project for some reason I’ll try and let you know that right away.

How do you deliver files?

Logos and branding collateral are delivered as EPS files which are industry standard scalable vector files. I also provide WMF files which is a MS Windows based scalable vector format that can be incorporated into applications like MS Word and PowerPoint. I also provide PDF and JPG file formats but can also provide files in virtually any format a client requires. Websites are typically uploaded and tested on the customer’s webhost, but can also deliver sites via email or FTP.

What are your payment terms?

With logo projects I require 50% down and 50% on final approval. With websites I require 50% down, 25% on approval of concept and 25% on the final sign off of the project.

How do I pay you?

I accept checks, all major credit cards, cash, bank transfers and PayPal.

Do I own the logo outright?

Yes, once you pay me, the final logo design is yours to do with it as you please; I only request the right to use designs for promotional purposes.

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